Toni & Kimmos first seatrouts!

On Monday I had the first guided tour of the open water season 2024. My guests were Toni and his friend Kimmo from the Helsinki region. They had never fished in Åland before and were eager to catch some seatrout.

I had mixed expectations because on one hand I had several report of super slow fishing with few fish even though many experienced fishermen had been out. On the other hand the weather was the best for many days with sunshine and really warm air coming in from the south.

Just as my expectations the day was a little bit of a mix 🙂 The wind was to heavy to be able to go fish the hottest stretches out agains the open sea. As always in spring time I started searching for warmer water – the sea temperature was about 2 degrees and the hottest of the day was a bit over 5 (Were we also found fish!).

Just before lunch Toni manage to set the hooks on a small but beautiful seatrout on a bronze-red glitter Stagger from I-fish. As happy as a fisherman could be we took some quick photos and realesed the little bugger. Kimmo was happy but on the same time cursing himself for choosing “the wrong” bait, earlier I gave him two baits and asked him to choose, he could have picked the Stagger but gave it to Toni 🙂

We moved in to a more enclosed area for lunch and tried for perch about an hour thereafter. I had been scouting the area with my sonar in the morning and then it was packed with small baitfish and loads of shadows suggesting perch… This afternoon I could not se anything on my sonar but we did get a lot of nibbles but nothing stuck to our hooks.

Later in the afternoon we went in search for more seatrout and in the last hour we found them! At first Kimmo had a follower and then we hade some more contacts before Kimmo landed his first ever! It took the classic red-black “Sandgrävlingen” and was bigger then the first and was 44cm.

Toni had a good one on for a while but it swam into som vegetation and got loose… Alla in all two seatrout is a good start of the guidning season 2024. Big thanks to Toni and Kimmo being first out on the water with me! Also big cheers for Toni on is big birthday!

Have an excellent fishing season all of you!