Welcome to Donningfishing, your guide to the Alandish fishery!

My name is Hans “Hasse” Donning and I own the company and is the primary guide during our fishing tour. I look forward to having great fishing and lazy days out at sea in the amazing Åland archipelago together with you and your friends and family.

The Åland fishery is generally very good, particularly in numbers but every year we catch some really big fish. We target mostly pike and in average we catch about 20 pikes in a whole days fishing. Sometimes lower sometimes higher all depending on skill, luck and conditions. In addition to pike we have great sea trout fishing and perchfishing can sometimes be crazy with big numbers and huge sizes (Biggest in my boat so far is 2,1kg 54cm).

You can book a 4h (halfday) tour or 7h (all day). Usually we start 9 or 10 in the morning. You could always request different times depending on your needs and weather conditions.

Here is a glimpse of my fishing in 2019 Mars to August:

45 fishing days — 748 pikes — 17 sea trout —- hundreds of perch. Have a look at some of the catches below. 

A happy angler with a 6,25kg sea trout caught late december!
Dennis Palin with Ålands biggest pike anno 2020
1,35kg 45cm

I welcome all and everyone who wants a nice day on the water to book a guided fishing tour with me! I have room for 3-5 fishingguests in my 19DC Starweld. If you are more then 5 I will arrange for extra guides and boats to help out with the group!

Questions and booking inquiries can be sent to:

Email: hasse@donningfishing.com Messenger: @donningfishing

Or you can call at +358 4573613353.

Depending on the season, I can also arrange for food and accommodation! If you are a group, we can arrange multiple boats and guides. We provide meals and snacks with drinks according to your wishes and needs.

It’s common to celebrate different birthdays or other significant occasions with a guided tour! Purchase a gift card and give it to someone reaching a milestone age, celebrating an anniversary, or deserving recognition! Gift cards are available starting from €150 for one person with a spot on the boat for a half-day guided tour, up to the entire boat for the whole day with a full crew (maximum of 6 people in my boat, but I can arrange multiple boats if needed).